A Walk By The Quarry

Donna, I wish I knew more about photography, but this one captured for me a kind of beauty. I love your line here: Some sort of validation that the natural order of things is beautiful. Beauty in old rocks and craggy trees. A reflection, too, that captures stillness.

I am going through a strange process of trying to decide where I want to live–and it doesn’t seem to be where I am. We are looking around town and across the state for a house that has light and quiet, perhaps near water– and a walking community. I’m not asking too much, am I? But am I letting my other feelings of fighting against the “natural order of things” complicate decisions about where to live? Am I looking for some perfect environment where I feel comfortable and at ease?

What is it about our environments that matter so much? And what a privilege to even be able to consider finding such a place.

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